Fairy Kingdom: World of Magic Customer Reviews:


I like it

Stupid notifications

I really liked this game but after the last update I get like a 1000 notifications a day from it and its really annoying. I'm this close to uninstalling it because of this.

Lovely game


Annoying notifications

20 notifications in less than ten minutes. Are you kidding? Uninstalling now.

Couldnt make light muffin at bakery; wasn't on the list (muffin didnt work). Alot of the missions seemed cool but they just wanted even more of my money. Dont mind spending just not every day.


I loved this game from the beginning, I'm so glade I got it back.

it would be great...

its a really good game, and as ive changed my phone, i want to continue playing it. however, after installing, it refuse to download the data down, 20% and stop. arrr i just want to play it. is that too much to ask?

2nd x the charm 😒

I love this game but I had to delete it because it wouldn't let me discover more land but I think they fixed it so I downloaded it again but I had to start all over again no big deal but I bought some crystal's to buy some magician's house but then they restarted the whole thing to where I left off and know I have no crystal's and no magician's house and wasted my money

Good game

How do I turn off the notifications??

The game is heating the phone... The is fantastic

I like it

Its so amazing 😊i love it👍💖☺ so cool

I have problem with royal feast charge items like muffin pie


Such Fun!, Especially with Little Girls!

Love playing this game with my Grand babies!

graphics and time.

good graphics and then time killer.

Great game

Great game but the times on some items needs to be lowered! We shouldnt have to wait 8hrs to craft one item!

Game won't update

Game won't update. This is crap I can get any stuff punkin seeds nothing like that but my wife gets it all the time... about to uninstall



Game crashing

Since the last update my game won't even load. I really enjoy this game and hope it can be fixed soon.


So creative

Loved it so much

Love this game, just wish it would sinc with my fb one.

Lots of fun.

Passes the time. Great game


I love this game!

fairy kingdom

Love it

Fixed the festival quest!

There is no perfect carrot, perfect muffin, perfect turkey, perfect pie to craft. Pls fixed it!

Bad server reply

Receiving bad server reply every time I've opened the game in the last 2 weeks. In addition, haven't been able to collect daily bonuses in 2 weeks either. Uninstalled/reinstalled hoping it would fix the problem. We shall see...really disappointed. Updated review, 11/22/16 never recvd. Crystals that I purchased and names of items aren't matching in the tournament , which doesn't credit when you complete the items. Contacted support several times and not one reply.

Can't stop playing it

Itz one of my favourite games bout managing our town n time. Especially the magical theme brings me back to Harry Potter's imagination hehe

Not happy

I payed for a package for 6000 coins and 200 crystal for $3.99 and I did not got them at all. What a rip off bad man. And now no stars because I was up to level 23 and now it's al wiped out now and lost everything and now I have to start all over again. Bad and I'm still waiting for my refund to. Come on fix this game big time :-/

Fix the bugs, guys! Is not possible to make them steel ingots all day yesterday, and not counting up!!


Like it

It's so cool


I really like this game. It's a great time killer, with a cute story line. I would have given it 5 stars but I made a purchase and I didn't receive my items... but other than that, it's a good game!

Very good game

Magic ....is I love it... And the game is very beautiful woman.. Fairy tales story....

Unreadable text

Since the new update I cannot read the text. I'm using the ellipsis tablet Android os. Thank you support for the quick response to my review.

amazing game